1. The search: Start looking at styles and designers as soon as you get engaged. Set up a Pinterest page, buy magazines, create a scrapbook.
  2. Booking the appointment: Book your appointment 12 months before the wedding(no sooner). Don’t give yourself time to change your mind.
  3. Sample sales: If you are a budget conscious bride then sample sales are where it’s at!! Sample sales generally take place in July/Aug or Oct/Nov so keep an eye out.
  4. Be productive: Make a day of it, try to visit 2/3 boutiques in one day. This way you get a good idea of what’s out there. You will see the same styles repeated, so there is no need to visit 50 different stores. Keep it to minimum to avoid indecisiveness (too many to choose from – less likely to commit).
  5. Dust yourself off: Don’t be discouraged if the dress you have stalked on Pinterest and pictured yourself in for months now doesn’t suit you. Take it off, chin up and start again!
  6. No Drama: Choose who you take along to your appointments very carefully, remember too many cooks spoil the broth!! No more than four opinions and any negative ninny’s can do one!!
  7. Love at first sight: It’s OK to fall in love with the first dress you try on, after all this is the first time you see yourself as a bride! Although you may not want to take it off..DO. Try some more on, sleep on it and if you just cant get that beauty out of your head.. then she’s the one.
  8. Fat Chance: DO NOT ORDER YOUR DRESS IN A SMALLER SIZE in the hope that you will lose stones before the big day. Be realistic girls its easier to take a dress in than to let it out.
  9. Dotting the i’s : Read your terms and conditions before you sign your contract, don’t get caught out by something in the small print.
  10. It’s all coming together: Pick your veil and accessories when your collecting your dress, have your hair done, try your dress on and get the finished look.

MK  Bridal xx


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