Will he put a ring on it this Xmas???

‘Tis the season for engagements… but will it be you posting pics of your sparkler this Christmas morning?? Here are some tell tale signs that he’s ready to pop the question..

  • He talks about the future: Well, its only a sign if he talks about the future and you’re in it! Kids, marriage and everything in between. It’s all positive steps to destination diamond.
  • He’s acting shady:  Is he nervous and secretive? Just not himself?.. if so then he may be cheating on you (doubt it) but more than likely he is just stressed planning the perfect proposal.
  • His money is tight: Has he been extra frugal lately? If Mr big spender has turned into Mr. Penny Pincher then maybe this is it!
  • All his friends are getting married: Nothing like peer pressure to push him in the right direction (only kidding). On a serious note if his friends are getting engaged why not him?
  • Your missing your favorite ring: This is a biggie… If your ring has disappeared for more than 24 hrs then maybe he has taking it to the jewelers to size the ACTUAL ring!!
  • He has made plans for you both: Has he made dinner reservations or organized a weekend away?? Make sure you dress for the occasion, after all you don’t want to look a mess in your engagement photos!
  • He’s all over you: Boys got it bad..he just can’t get enough of his girl(lucky you). Let him shower you with love and kisses and most importantly diamonds.
  • He’s unusually close with your parents: Like seriously what is going on? You were playing golf with my dad and now your having tea with my mam…. weird!!
  • Sudden interest: He has developed a sudden interest in friends weddings and critiques every detail.. ” Do you like that band? How much do ye reckon the whole thing cost?”. Questions like this are a dead giveaway.
  • Finally he’s down on one knee: Oh god is it really happening? Very obvious but make sure he isn’t tying his shoe lace before you scream YES YES YES!!!…
  • Enjoy this moment: This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life so try to savior every second!!

Maybe he will or maybe he won’t… and if he doesn’t, remember that good things come to those who wait my dear and if he truly is the one then he is worth waiting for.

Have a fabulous Christmas!

Lots of Love,

MK Bridal xxx

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