“CELEBRITY HAIR”..How To Perfect Your Hair For Your wedding.


Everyday styling can take its toll on our hair so when a stylist says, “cutting your hair regularly is good for it”, it actually is! But why?

The truth behind it is simple, if the end of your hair is in bad condition and has split ends it won’t grow. The roots will continue to grow but the ends will keep splitting up as opposed to regaining length in your hair.

Now calm down my scissor fearing friends.. I’m not advising you get inches taken off every visit, cut the bare ends and it will make all the difference to those tatty trestles.


First you need to ask yourself, “Are you happy with your stylist”? If you are, great! If not then its time to start the search. Do your research, book appointments with recommended wedding hairstylists. Remember finding a stylist you trust is No.1!

Once you have found your stylist, your first consultation will be to discuss your wedding hair goals:

  • Colour
  • Length
  • Condition
  • Style

Remember the more change you want, the more time you will need. You don’t want to radically change your hair a month before the wedding and then regret it!


OK so visiting your hairstylist every week is unrealistic and far too pricey! But Everyone needs good home care, i.e shampoo, conditioner & masque. All three are essential to improving those luscious locks.

Talk to your stylist about the best home care products for you. Good products are pricey but in my experience they last longer (because you use less) and are far better for your hair than cheaper supermarket alternatives.

Product Recommendations –

  • Kerastase
  • Moroccan Oil
  • Salon Retail L’Oreal

Products to be wary of –

  • Pantene
  • TRESemmĂ©
  • Herbal Essence
  • Head & Shoulders

These products have a high percentage of salt and silicone which strip colour.


Discuss with your stylist the look you wish to create, schedule your trial for a month or two before your wedding this way it will be fresh in your stylists head. Get someone to take loads of photos to make sure you are 100% happy with it. If your not happy, at least you have  a month or two to perfect your style.

I would suggest booking your hair trial on the day you book your makeup trial or dress fitting. This way you get the complete look and can tweak any changes before the big day.

In regards to up-styles, do not stress over the length or thickness of your hair as your stylist can use clip in extensions and hair pieces to fill out the perfect style.


Under no certain circumstance should you change your hair colour/cut at this stage! By all means top up your colour or get a trim but NO BIG CHANGES!!

Your stylist will advise you to wash and dry your hair the day/night before the big day but if your hair is fine or gets greasy quickly you should wash it first thing on the morning of your wedding. Just remember freshly washed hair is harder to style.


The big day has arrived and by now your hair should be in immaculate condition, the color 100% and your trial perfected. So now it’s time to sit back and relax and let your stylist work his/her magic.

Your stylist will spend most of their time on you (and rightly so) on the morning of your wedding. Your stylist will arrive early and usually prep you first and hand you over to your makeup artist.

With your makeup complete, it’s time to style those luscious locks.

A good hairdresser and makeup artist will work together to ensure the entire bridal party are beautified in time!

With your hair and makeup perfected it’s now time to marry your prince…..GOOD LUCK!

All information in this blog was provided by hair stylist Kelley Durkin, Kelley manages Ben Garry Hairdressing, Ratoath and has been styling hair for 15 years. She is a wedding hair specialist and a master at up-styles. Kelley is also a Moroccan Oil educator and works at London fashion week every year.

For further inquiries, contact Kelley on 0879738171.

MK Bridal xx

2 thoughts on ““CELEBRITY HAIR”..How To Perfect Your Hair For Your wedding.

  1. Love this post! I really want to invest in a good shampoo but anytime I change from head and shoulders I get really bad dandruff! Especially at the very front! Any suggestions? X


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