Commitment Issues??? How To Commit To A Wedding Dress…

You found the man and made the ultimate promise of commitment by saying yes!! so why do ‘brides to be’ find it so hard to commit to a dress? Here are my top ten tips to commit to a wedding dress.

1.Do Your Research

Before you set foot in a bridal boutique, research what gowns you like. Sites like pinterest are a fantastic way to get a sense of the style you like.

2.Book Your Appointments

This is the exciting part but DO NOT GET CARRIED AWAY!!!! 3 or 4 bridal boutiques is enough to visit. Spread them over two weekends and notify your bridal party.

3. Keep Your Entourage Small

This ain’t no ‘Say yes to dress’ where you need to bring your 8 bridesmaids, mother in law, granny, dog and whoever else you can persuade to bring with you to your appointments. Keep it to one or two people you trust to tell you the truth. After all to many opinions are not good and will only confuse you.

4. Be Ruthless

Try a maximum of 6 dresses on in each store, critic what you like and what you dislike on each dress. This way you will whittle out the styles that you don’t like.

5. Listen to the professional

Let the consultant pick a dress for you, they will know what dress best compliments your body type. So many times brides have come in to my boutique and are dead set against a certain style until they put it on and voila, they fall in love!

6. Bridal moments


So much pressure is put on brides these days to get overwhelmed and burst into tears when they try on their dream dress. Every bridal moment is different, it might be that you don’t want to take the dress off, it may be that you can visual yourself walking down the aisle in that dress and no other will do. So don’t be so hard on yourself, they say you will know when you know so try and focus on yourself and what you want and it should all fall into place.

7. What Are You Waiting for?

Don’t leave it to late to start the search, i would suggest 10-12 months in advance so you can get to grips with the whole experience. You don’t want to be left in a position where your only option is to buy a sample gown. Don’t get me wrong buying a sample gown is a great way to save money and some boutiques(like mine) have fab sample sales but best to keep your options open. Just remember when buying a sample gown check for tan marks, make up etc.. they are notoriously hard to remove so keep in mind you will have to get a sample gown dry cleaned, repaired and altered before you wear it.

8. Never Ending Story!!

Ladies i know you have been looking forward to this day for your entire lives but it’s got to end sometime. Some brides avoid saying yes because they don’t want the experience to end. But trust me your friends and family will get fed up trapesing after you every Saturday looking for your dream dress that(lets be honest) you probably found in the first or second boutique you visited. So spare a little thought for your entourage and just pick one!!

9.¬†Focus On The Positive’s

It breaks my heart when brides come in and all they see when they look in the mirror is their insecurities. I know its hard but try to focus on the¬†positives when trying on wedding dresses and push those negative thoughts to the back of your mind. Your appointment is all about you so lap it up and trust people when they say you look beautiful..they’re not lying!

10. The Commitmaphobe!

If you have yet to commit to a dress and have visited over 10 bridal boutiques, tried on 50 or more dresses then i’m afraid to say it but your probably a commitmaphobe!! Time to refocus and get the job done!! You can do it ladies, i believe in you…

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All my love,

MK x